greensDesigning Your Green

What do I need to know?

Things to consider:

Budget - When making any alterations to your home or professional space, the budget should be decided first and foremost. In home renovations, the emotional factor takes over and the budget often go out the window. So budget first, then design your green around your budget!

Space - How much green do you want, and where can you put it? We can design around most obstacles, but always remember: Water goes to the lowest spot on the property. We won't install where we could adversly affect water flow to the detriment of surrounding property. No flooding the neighbour!

Layout - Topography, number of cups and flags, to fringe or not to fringe? These are a just few of the questions to ask yourself. Toys such as sand bunkers, ball washers and custom flags will all affect your descisions.

Have fun with these steps and then give us a call!