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A Work Of Art

There is a certain beauty on a golf course. The layout of the course, the natural surroundings, the look of the green as you make your approach. The contrast of the green to the fringe...

Imagine that feeling every time you step out your backdoor to your own private custom putting green. The feeling of knowing you never have to mow it! No watering! No fertilizers! No pesticides! A custom putting green from Putters Edge by PGO is truly a work of art. You design it!

With our professional installation team, you will add value to your property and the satisfaction that you are getting what you want! Entertain around your new green and let your friends admire your design. Enjoy the children playing and practicing in the safety of their own yard. We can even have special designs laser cut at the mill for those with discriminating tastes! Your space is the canvas, we are merely your brush.